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This is Vinita. Pal, a teacher by profession but an inquisitive learner and an explorer by nature. Recently I have come across the need to equip oneself with financial literacy. Since then I have been in the process of learning about the same from authentic and genuine sources like books, in particular, Rich dad Poor dad and Choose to think rich by Robert Kiyosaki, and the YouTube channel - Rich dad Radio show.

You must be wondering how I can vouch for these sources' authenticity, here's a secret, if you look closely you will find these sources are designed with the base objective to equip the readers or the listeners with financial literacy intelligence.

Having said that. I would like to mention that my reading Doesn't limit to only the financial spectrum but to a wide range of spectrum ranging from self-help books to economics to Geo-Political because I have come to realize all are connected to each other.

I believe that the exchange of learning matters in the growth and development of our society therefore all my posts are a result of my learning and a way to exchange the same If you share the same objective like us do care to be a patron of financial learning by joining us.

Passionforpoem is genuinely my passion project. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what exhilarates you as well. Are you ready to be inspired?

Thank you!

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