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#Word Power.

“Pain is not to be ESCAPE. COWARDS are those who try to shrug it away. Wait, no offense meant. Well, it’s an antidote for me to stand...

#Words to live by…..

It is completely OKAY to DISAGREE. It is NOT AT ALL OKAY to DISRESPECT/ DISHONOR.” #vinipens #words #Quotes #writer


The best possible way I could think of to express mindfulness. Mindfulness = Mind your own business. #mindful #mindfulness #Quotes #selflove

How deep can one love?

SOMEONE : How deep can one love ? ME : As deep as one is ”WILLING TO.” “If one wishes to determine the depth of love it can only...

Firefly 2.O

Myself: “What if I am engulfed by this deep dark demon.” “Come with me & I will teach you to shine bright without fear,” Said the...

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