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Who say stars can only be found in the night sky?

Who say stars can only be found in the night sky? How about seeing them during the day time? No, don’t look up but below the ground. In the water, millions to be found. Just wait for the sun to kiss the sea. There you go, the stars will appear to greet thee. #stars #happiness #poet #poem #poemsforlife #lovepoem

Santa is for real if one believes.

All this years I kept saying, Santa is a myth As I didn’t find any gifts in my stockings. How eagerly I was waiting for it! Winter whispers a truth to me, “Santa do visit and fulfill the wish but a wish without belief never be fulfilled.” This Christmas I listened to what winter said And received what I deserve. The greatest lesson this Christmas I have learned and will always cherish, “Santa is for real if one believes.” #christmaswishes #happiness #santaisforreal #

LOVE NOTE- An Ode to Love.

Love is what that unite us Love is what defines us. Love is what binds us. Love is the only thing that can do miracles. Love has the power to bring the world together. As love knows to survive all the threats and come out of it stronger. #writer #happiness #poet #poem #lovepoem


When AMAVAS (New Moon) night was lamenting, “Why am I so dark and considered a devil?” It’s then with the coming of Lord Rama to his abode. The same night was illuminated by the thousands of “Diya lights.” Darkness was engulfed by the radiant people’s unison There were cheers, laughter and celebration. Devil is not in the night but in the mind. That’s how Lord Rama shed the false beliefs about AMAVAS night. #celebration #festivaloflights #happiness #poem

Firefly 2.O

Myself: “What if I am engulfed by this deep dark demon.” “Come with me & I will teach you to shine bright without fear,” Said the Firefly. #vinipens #happiness #Quotes #writer


What’s broken can be mended. Don’t worry about the scars that remain. Polished ,good looks sometimes prove to be a bogus trend. Don’t you think scars are the sign of your endurance? So take pride in your blemished appearance. It says a lot about who you are as a person. Maybe, you prove to be someone’s inspiration. A tale from Japan. #inspirationalpoem #happiness #poem


What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love? Aren’t they the most beautiful combination? Cold emotions always destined to meet warmth of love Only to experience the whole new world filled with happiness and love. How am I so sure about this notion? Truth is I would not had it not been for the theory of opposites attract. Matter of fact, where there is coldness, warmth surely lingers nearby. Like cheerful and flowery spring follows the autumn cold and dry. Li


Darkness hover over the sky, Giving the illusion of, it’s all dull and dry. Sometimes it casts the impression so deep within us. We tend to forget the fact, ‘NOTHING REMAINS PERMANENT.’ Let’s span our vision towards the dark clouds again. Look! What is the sun doing? Unfolding the shady veil. Peeping through the cloudy windows with a gentle smile. As if saying, “I am there for you, it’s your time to shine.” #sunshine #happiness #poem

The quintessential Love Story

Image credit : Sun and moon, The most coveted lover of town. Got separated by the envious crowd. Coz as compared to their love, no match Found. Hence sun was made in-charge of light And the moon was forced to brighten the night. Little did they know, True love is never bound to subjection. Therefore sun and moon fondle each othe

Reason and Season of celebration

image credit: Photo by Prachi Palwe on Unsplash With the northern hemisphere greeting the sun once again. And giving us the illusion, the sun is in uttarayan. Here comes the reason and season, To dwell into the warmth of kindness. To spread love, joy and merriment. To enjoy the feast of the labor, done in the cold months by our farmers. To celebrate with our loved ones, The very festival that falls in the same month, on the same day in every culture, thus making us realize,

Magic is about to happen.

Magic is about to happen. I have heard from bright twinkling stars. I have seen in the colourful lights and in every glistening eyes. I have sensed it in every winter scent and in every cold breeze, gushing as if singing a song of merriment. I have smelled it in every home’s dishes. Fun fact! it smelled the same happy taste even in the homes of less privilege. Told you, magic is about to happen. As it is a time of hopes, happiness, prayers. So be hopeful, be happy and pray wi


Recently I realized, smile heals. So keep the chain of this healing smile going. Share the smile, maybe we can make someone’s day. Maybe we can become the reason for someone’s smile. Maybe we can save someone’s life. Maybe we can make someone realise that we are with you. Let’s make our contribution count in this healing process by sharing this smile not only virtually but also in person. Let each smile count. #bekind #happiness #sharelove #spreadsmile

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