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#War is not for you and me

War is blind Doesn’t spare an adult, old and a child. Brutally devour the families, friends and the moments of happy times. War is hazardous Always seek for destruction Doesn’t value blood, bread and the safety of the nation. War is merciless. Snatches the upcoming generations’ dreams. Scatters mindlessly every resource and chances to flourish. War is inhumane. Robs the basic necessity of life. Force lives to struggle for food, clothing and shelter. War is a snatcher of life.

Life happens in Present

Past is dark as it has already been lived. Do not look at it. Future seems dark as it is yet to be lived. Do not struggle to know before you are ready to reach. Present glows with light as it is here an opportunity to prepare for the future which is until now hidden into the dark realm. #inspirationalpoem #poemsforlife #poem #writer

Seasons – Reason for Celebration.

This year is not the same, is it? It seems seasons have lost their way I guess that’s why winter and rains were clueless whether to go or stay? O, what intense mood swings! Whom to blame? __________ Today marks the end of winter solstice. Time to welcome and embrace the warmth. Let’s embrace our seasons first And promise them, “I am responsible to you, seasons And will make every efforts to help you save our ecosystem For I have come to realize, you are the reason for celebra


This is a story of a boy, born in a small town in South of India. A boy, raised in an environ where different faiths, cultures prayed the same way and religion was only seen in an attire in those days. A boy who had a deep desire to learn. Who had seen a teacher in every person whether it was his father, mother, brother and a friend. ****************************** This is a story of a boy turned into a young man. This is a story of a young man who had a great taste for philos

It’s with universe I discover my true self

There is this fragment of the world that I live in. Trying to comply with its terms and conditions. Sometimes it’s easy Sometimes it’s difficult Sometimes I feel like to disappear. It’s suffocating to don several masks just to hide my unconventional self. There’s no choice because this so-called real world – An unpredictable one. A fact often ignored with closed eyes as it calls for accountability if dealt otherwise.. Deep down I know There is this world that exists. A world


What’s broken can be mended. Don’t worry about the scars that remain. Polished ,good looks sometimes prove to be a bogus trend. Don’t you think scars are the sign of your endurance? So take pride in your blemished appearance. It says a lot about who you are as a person. Maybe, you prove to be someone’s inspiration. A tale from Japan. #inspirationalpoem #happiness #poem


Hello Mr. Fear, You being an abstract feeling of sort, Can shake the person to the core of the thought. I have seen your every shade in the past. You have the power that longs for last. Yes, I admit, I once got caught into your hold, anxiety, panic, doubts, bouts of hallucinations.(Your highly anticipated offspring) have stopped me time, and again to get back to my real self brave and bold. You almost tear me apart, robbed my peace of mind and spirit to live my life