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Ladakh – A Travel Diary…..

Ladakh, the land at high altitude has beauty to all its extent. From magnificent ancient emerald Indus river To its vibrant peace loving culture. People, places of worship, prayer flags and prayer wheels are epitome of serenity and bliss. Its huge mountains cradles its people. Nourish them by providing them food, clothing and protection. No doubt, Ladakh is truly a mixture of culture and science. Leading by example and showing the world, creation is far more beautiful when th

I have felt you……………..

I have felt you holding my hand under the Stardust night. I have felt you embracing me amidst the cold breeze caressing us at the vantage point. I have felt you whispering tales in my ears  at the ancient sites. I felt you near the gurgling river sitting beside me and when you let my head rest on your shoulder, was the moment I always prize. I have felt you in every essence of my life. #poet #love #poem #poemsforlife #lovepoem


With time mortal beauty will fade. The world will transform and so will the living preference. The dimensions of people, place and things will change but my love for you will stay the same . P.S. (FOREVER.) #blog #loveforever #loveforpoems #love


VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM Here’s a piece of love from me to thee. Coz you to me you are not someone distant Instead, we are one big family. Though divided by continents and seas never forget we share the same spirit Of LOVE. No matter how far we stay from each other. Love is capable of conquering unfathomable distance. Coz it’s not bound by any terms, conditions or situations. Would you agree, if I say, Love is beyond space and time. For once, let your love traverse through your

What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love?

What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love? Aren’t they the most beautiful combination? Cold emotions always destined to meet warmth of love Only to experience the whole new world filled with happiness and love. How am I so sure about this notion? Truth is I would not had it not been for the theory of opposites attract. Matter of fact, where there is coldness, warmth surely lingers nearby. Like cheerful and flowery spring follows the autumn cold and dry. Like Sunb

Love is as simple as that.

No flower will blossom If it’s smothered into clenched fist It need to be set free In order to grow to its full beautiful. Just a matter of fact. Love is as simple as that. ... Without a movement of pairs. Distortion of one can make the situation difficult. Even a pair of limbs is needed to walk a distance. Just a matter of fact. Love is as simple as that. ... No fruits could be cherished without giving the trees their due respect. Indiscriminately cutting them will lead to t

Dil aur Dimag ?

Dil aur dimag One favors love, Other favour logic Clash between two always results in tragedy. So far no one is able to make out, Should one choose head over heart or should one go the other way around? This dilemma of Dil aur dimag has cost many lives. Some have lost their jobs Some precious person of their life. Like many, I am not an exception. Always found myself between the strife of Dil aur dimag. It is while reading about Buddha’s teachings, I came across this raaz, To

A Journey named relationship,

A Journey named relationship, Sees many moments of highs and lows. A Journey which is not so perfect, It never suppose to be. Slowly and gradually unveiling each other strength and weaknesses, and realizing this is how it suppose to be. A Journey, from disagreeing with each other to forgiving each other. From misunderstanding to giving each other time to understand. From yelling at each other to apologizing for making it go smooth further. From cribbing over small issues to r


Now that you are in my hold, doesn’t mean I am an owner and you are a thing to be owned. Together we will sail in this journey of life. Will survive all ups and downs by being each other side. Let’s make a promise to reach out each other when hard times might come, because we are not just lovers but each other support system and companion. (Inspired from Titanic movie.) #love #lovers #promise #Titanic

My version of Love

A lady in her golden year, waiting for her husband dear, patiently eyeing his usual route, to make sure her hubby come safely soon. This is how I have seen love and come to the terms, this is true love. A matron’s reverence was too high, to skip her meal without a sigh, it’s her way of showing fidelity, to her mister who went out without eating. This is how I have seen love and come to the terms, this is true love. A sister who is away from home, trying earnestly to reach her

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