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I have felt you……………..

I have felt you holding my hand under the Stardust night. I have felt you embracing me amidst the cold breeze caressing us at the vantage point. I have felt you whispering tales in my ears  at the ancient sites. I felt you near the gurgling river sitting beside me and when you let my head rest on your shoulder, was the moment I always prize. I have felt you in every essence of my life. #poet #love #poem #poemsforlife #lovepoem

Love is not blind, love is wise.

They say, love is blind. I say, it’s time to get this definition redefine Why wait ! Let’s get to the facts straight. Love is a divine gift to share Not to use for one’s advantage. You see, even the humble land shares her love till the time humans treat her with respect and care (and most importantly with her CONSENT.) The moment she is taken for granted and used for advantage WITHOUT her CONSENT she turns hostile and wreaks havoc on earth. So LOVE IS NOT BLIND. LOVE IS WISE.

Seasons – Reason for Celebration.

This year is not the same, is it? It seems seasons have lost their way I guess that’s why winter and rains were clueless whether to go or stay? O, what intense mood swings! Whom to blame? __________ Today marks the end of winter solstice. Time to welcome and embrace the warmth. Let’s embrace our seasons first And promise them, “I am responsible to you, seasons And will make every efforts to help you save our ecosystem For I have come to realize, you are the reason for celebra

Who say stars can only be found in the night sky?

Who say stars can only be found in the night sky? How about seeing them during the day time? No, don’t look up but below the ground. In the water, millions to be found. Just wait for the sun to kiss the sea. There you go, the stars will appear to greet thee. #stars #happiness #poet #poem #poemsforlife #lovepoem


Sun and moon, The most coveted lover of town. Got separated by the envious crowd. Coz compared to their love, no match Found. Hence sun was made in-charge of light And the moon was forced to brighten the night. Little did they know, True love is never bound to subjection. Therefore sun and moon fondle each other at the strategic hour of dawn and dusk As if teasing their helpless spectators. #poemsforlife #poet #lovepoem #poem

Winter calls for thoda (little) more love 

Winter calls for thoda (little) more love to make up for the absence of warmth. So what do you do? You snuggle, embrace the love if you have one. If you have none No worries you are sure to find in the realm of words Where love is waiting for you to embrace and snuggle. So why wait, just grab a copy of love and let yourself immerse in love solace. Wondering which love copy to start with, how about this- #poemsforlife #poet #lovepoem #poem


Having a boyfriend means so much Coz it’s the one who stays by you in your thick and thin. Just then my inner self did somersault And told me, you too have a boyfriend-girl. This inner voice has brought the fact to light And made me say- “Yes I have a boyfriend who has always been by my side.” No , not distance or different from yours . He is just the same, bearing all my angst and stupid stance Still holds me gracefully in his arms. At times I wonder- How can he be this cal

LOVE NOTE- An Ode to Love.

Love is what that unite us Love is what defines us. Love is what binds us. Love is the only thing that can do miracles. Love has the power to bring the world together. As love knows to survive all the threats and come out of it stronger. #writer #happiness #poet #poem #lovepoem


A Journey named relationship, Sees many moments of highs and lows. A Journey which is not so perfect, It never suppose to be. Slowly and gradually unveiling each other strength and weaknesses, and realizing this is how it suppose to be. A Journey, from disagreeing with each other to forgiving each other. From misunderstanding to giving each other time to understand. From yelling at each other to apologizing for making it go smooth further. From cribbing over small i


Now that you are in my hold, doesn’t mean I am an owner and you are a thing to be owned. Together we will sail in this journey of life. Will survive all ups and downs by being on each other’s side. Let’s promise to reach out each other when hard times might come, because we are not just lovers but each other’s support  companion. (Inspired by the Titanic movie.) #poet #lovepoem #poem #writer


What’s it about Cold emotions with a warmth of love? Aren’t they the most beautiful combination? Cold emotions always destined to meet warmth of love Only to experience the whole new world filled with happiness and love. How am I so sure about this notion? Truth is I would not had it not been for the theory of opposites attract. Matter of fact, where there is coldness, warmth surely lingers nearby. Like cheerful and flowery spring follows the autumn cold and dry. Li


Trust on each other. Respect for each other. Unison of two souls. Efforts of two bodies to become one soul. ===========TRUE LOVE============= Liberty is the support to help each other grow. Optimism is the key for most of the difficulties. Vibrancy is that charm needed to keep up the spark. Endurance determines how long the tie will survive. In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems #lovepoem #poem #writer

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