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Once upon a time…..

Once upon a time, Sea used to sing. Rustling of the leaves used to cheer up the surroundings. Gushing of the breeze was a peck on the cheeks. Soil used to whisper tales of the ages. What a magic of human and nature co-existence! No more the sea sings as its throat is choked with plastics. No more the leaves swing to cheer up our surroundings as they are the victims of mindless slaughtering. No more can we feel the peck on our cheeks as the breeze has been replaced by  waves o

Love is not blind, love is wise.

They say, love is blind. I say, it’s time to get this definition redefine Why wait ! Let’s get to the facts straight. Love is a divine gift to share Not to use for one’s advantage. You see, even the humble land shares her love till the time humans treat her with respect and care (and most importantly with her CONSENT.) The moment she is taken for granted and used for advantage WITHOUT her CONSENT she turns hostile and wreaks havoc on earth. So LOVE IS NOT BLIND. LOVE IS WISE.

Life happens in Present

Past is dark as it has already been lived. Do not look at it. Future seems dark as it is yet to be lived. Do not struggle to know before you are ready to reach. Present glows with light as it is here an opportunity to prepare for the future which is until now hidden into the dark realm. #inspirationalpoem #poemsforlife #poem #writer

#Word Power.

“Pain is not to be ESCAPE. COWARDS are those who try to shrug it away. Wait, no offense meant. Well, it’s an antidote for me to stand BRAVE. In case I fear the battlefield, I’ll use it as an aid. #wordpower #Quotes #writer

#Words to live by…..

It is completely OKAY to DISAGREE. It is NOT AT ALL OKAY to DISRESPECT/ DISHONOR.” #vinipens #words #Quotes #writer

LOVE NOTE- An Ode to Love.

Love is what that unite us Love is what defines us. Love is what binds us. Love is the only thing that can do miracles. Love has the power to bring the world together. As love knows to survive all the threats and come out of it stronger. #writer #happiness #poet #poem #lovepoem

Firefly 2.O

Myself: “What if I am engulfed by this deep dark demon.” “Come with me & I will teach you to shine bright without fear,” Said the Firefly. #vinipens #happiness #Quotes #writer


Now that you are in my hold, doesn’t mean I am an owner and you are a thing to be owned. Together we will sail in this journey of life. Will survive all ups and downs by being on each other’s side. Let’s promise to reach out each other when hard times might come, because we are not just lovers but each other’s support  companion. (Inspired by the Titanic movie.) #poet #lovepoem #poem #writer

It’s with universe I discover my true self

There is this fragment of the world that I live in. Trying to comply with its terms and conditions. Sometimes it’s easy Sometimes it’s difficult Sometimes I feel like to disappear. It’s suffocating to don several masks just to hide my unconventional self. There’s no choice because this so-called real world – An unpredictable one. A fact often ignored with closed eyes as it calls for accountability if dealt otherwise.. Deep down I know There is this world that exists. A world

Magic is about to happen

Magic is about to happen. I have heard from bright twinkling stars. I have seen in the colorful lights and in every glistening eyes. I have sensed it in every winter scent and in every cold breeze, gushing as if singing a song of merriment. I have smelled it in every home’s dishes. Fun fact! it smelled the same happy taste even in the homes of less privilege. Just believe and breathe. Told you, magic is about to happen. #magic #poems #writer


Trust on each other. Respect for each other. Unison of two souls. Efforts of two bodies to become one soul. ===========TRUE LOVE============= Liberty is the support to help each other grow. Optimism is the key for most of the difficulties. Vibrancy is that charm needed to keep up the spark. Endurance determines how long the tie will survive. In Appreciation of love and life- Collection of Poems #lovepoem #poem #writer

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