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1st step towards upgrading the syllabus of life.

Time has changed so have living principles. Close introspections of the experiences of my life have helped me to update the syllabus of my life. Yes, updating the syllabus of life.

Isn’t it funny that we never consider updating the syllabus of our life with the change in time. The way education syllabus needs to be updated with the change in time so as to incorporate the lessons that best suits that time. There is a dire need to update the syllabus of life too. Let me tell you this, this task is equally complex and challenging as upgrading or updating any educational syllabus at the same time it’s an ongoing process, so do not expect this to be a one time job.

Having said that, the first principle that I am determined to update in my syllabus of life lessons is from first YOU before Me to first ME before YOU. This might seems and sound so crude and mean therefore let me put it in this way:

You are never too good for everyone, especially when you switch from YOU first to ME first.

You will be seen as selfish and will be loath for being the same.

It’s completely ok to feel guilty and betrayed. 

Don’t try to brush away these feelings coz the more you tussle the more you suffer.

Be still and see those feelings disappear.

Having done the cleansing process, understand two blind can never be able to show each other the path.

If the care for others is genuine then ME first is not the selfish act.

Without healing yourself first you won’t be able to help others well.

So it’s ok to prioritize self without thinking will I be a villain? Any which ways I am sure you already are one in the story of someone else, right?

This is just a step forward and I expect more to add in my list of updated syllabus of my life.

If you too have decided upon updating the principles in your syllabus of life or you have already done it feel free to share here. Who knows we might end up with a basket full of such upgraded principles of life which in turn serve as a guidance for a huge community.

#introspection #lifelessons #mebeforyou #mentalhealth

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