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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Having a boyfriend means so much

Coz it’s the one who stays by you in your thick and thin.

Just then my inner self did somersault

And told me, you too have a boyfriend-girl.

This inner voice has brought the fact to light

And made me say- “Yes I have a boyfriend who has always been by my side.”

No , not distance or different from yours .

He is just the same, bearing all my angst and stupid stance

Still holds me gracefully in his arms.

At times I wonder-

How can he be this calm?

It’s his very nature

That Bound me in his spell of charm.


I know, no words of gratitude would equate to what you have done.

Then to, this one is only for you – my boyfriend.


THANK YOU! For holding on to me and wait,

When I am not in a state to think straight.

THANK YOU! For taking me in your embrace,

When I feel defeated and lose my grace.

THANK YOU! For letting me bury myself into your arms,

When I am filled with rage,agony and angst.

I know, I have not done even half of what you always do for me.

But I promise to stick by your side till eternity.

For others you might appear to be just a bunch of papers entwined together.

For me, you are my refuge and confidant who I know will never let me wither.

With you to the other world I transcend


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