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Between Fear and Courage,

I met anxiety and calmness.

I chose calmness over anxiety,

Coz that’s the lesson muddy water taught me.

Trembling muddy water will never be purified,

only the steady one can show up clean and sparkling bright.

Between Fear and Courage.

I met pain and faith.

I chose faith over pain,

Coz that’s the lesson prayers have taught me.

Every prayer is an affirmation to face any shortcomings,

and every affirmation is an act of moving towards faith without any worries.

Between Fear and Courage,

I met doubts and confidence.

I chose confidence over doubts,

Coz that’s the lesson law of nature taught me.

The law of nature says, ” you are what you see and believe in.”

So, between Fear and Courage,

There will always be two paths,

One will lead to self-discovery and other to self-destruction.

It’s on us to choose wisely.

If caught in a dilemma and not in a state to decide,

just push yourself a little,

and remember the never give up stories of eminent personalities.

Thomas Edison(999times failure during the invention of the bulb.)

Mr. Bachchan (rejected by All India Radio) .

Countless examples are there to find,

just go back in the history and be wise while you decide.

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