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Dil aur Dimag ?

Dil aur dimag

One favors love,

Other favour logic

Clash between two always results in tragedy.

So far no one is able to make out,

Should one choose head over heart or should one go the other way around?

This dilemma of Dil aur dimag has cost many lives.

Some have lost their jobs

Some precious person of their life.

Like many, I am not an exception.

Always found myself between the strife of Dil aur dimag.

It is while reading about Buddha’s teachings, I came across this raaz,

To find happiness, always follow the middle path.

So why go to the extremes of Dil aur dimag?

Let Dil come to the middle path,

Dimag will cover the other half.

This way, I feel most of the tragedies

will get resolved,

Don’t believe me?

Then let me put it this way,

Only in the middle of the earth you will find living tribes.

Even the extremes of the Poles don’t favor life.

#buddhateaching #middlepath #love

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