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Ladakh – A Travel Diary…..

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Ladakh, the land at high altitude

has beauty to all its extent.

From magnificent ancient emerald Indus river

To its vibrant peace loving culture.

People, places of worship, prayer flags and prayer wheels

are epitome of serenity and bliss.

Its huge mountains cradles its people.

Nourish them by providing them food, clothing and protection.

No doubt, Ladakh is truly a mixture of culture and science.

Leading by example and showing the world,

creation is far more beautiful when these two works hand in hand.

Need is just to understand the magic of 3Hs

Let the HEAD be backed by science.

While taking from nature, let the HANDS be wise.

While creating, let the HEART be your guide.

It is then life can survive.

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