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Let not the ignorance destroy the human race.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I am not from the white race

Nor from the black race

I belong to the human race.

Same race, spreaded across the continents,

Beautifully distributed between zones and belts.

A race that’s defined by its nature and environment.

The very same nature and environment have shaped me inward out.

I am very sure it’s not mine nor anyone else’s fault.

Isn’t it amazing how these zones and belts bring about varied features among the human race?

Isn’t it a good chance to celebrate the richness of varied features given to us by nature?

Let not ignorance cheat us and prevent us from being a part of such a holistic race.

Let’s be proud of being a part of the only thriving planet.

Know the facts and treat human race with respect,

I believe its’s a great way to celebrate each other’s existence.

Still didn’t get it?

Don’t worry, read it again.

I bet it will make sense for sure.

#globalpeace #globalstrength #poem

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