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Magic is about to happen.

Magic is about to happen.

I have heard from bright twinkling stars.

I have seen in the colourful lights

and in every glistening eyes.

I have sensed it in every winter scent

and in every cold breeze, gushing as if singing a song of merriment.

I have smelled it in every home’s dishes.

Fun fact! it smelled the same happy taste even in the homes of less privilege.

Told you, magic is about to happen.

As it is a time of hopes, happiness, prayers.

So be hopeful, be happy and pray with pure intention.

Because, magic is about to happen.

This poem is a reflection of my anticipation of this new year 2021 and this is how, I would like to embrace this year of 2021. Would like to know, what’s your anticipation about this new year 2021? Your response will be highly appreciated because I feel by sharing words of happiness and positivity is what make this world a happy place for human kind. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

#happynewyear #positivenewyear #happiness

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