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Once upon a time…..

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Once upon a time,

Sea used to sing.

Rustling of the leaves

used to cheer up the surroundings.

Gushing of the breeze was a peck on the cheeks.

Soil used to whisper tales of the ages.

What a magic of human and nature co-existence!

No more the sea sings as its throat is choked with plastics.

No more the leaves swing to cheer up our surroundings as they are the victims of mindless slaughtering.

No more can we feel the peck on our cheeks as the breeze has been replaced by  waves of the heat.

I say, this is the result of intolerance to coexistence.

What do you think can be done to give  this story a happy ending?

#writer #poet #naturepoem #poems #poemsforlife

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