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Tribute to the epitome of Courage- Athletes

Ever wondered what COURAGE seems like?

Think of Being seated in a roller coaster ride that is about to start with a strike of the light.

– That “do or die” moment coaxed to get on the ride is Courage.

– That sweat beads on forehead, a reflection of the first move is Courage.

– That moment of nervousness is Courage.

– That moment of adrenaline rush is Courage.

– That moment with mixed feelings of fear and determination to get through the ride is Courage.

Whether it be a roller coaster ride or any crucial moment (Sports events) of life, to be courageous is to keep battling in all these moments .

It is then the picture of courage will be reflected in true sense.

Hats off to all the athletes for inspiring the world with your Courageous impressions.

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