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#War is not for you and me

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

War is blind

Doesn’t spare an adult, old and a child.

Brutally devour the families, friends and the moments of happy times.

War is hazardous

Always seek for destruction

Doesn’t value blood, bread and the safety of the nation.

War is merciless.

Snatches the upcoming generations’ dreams.

Scatters mindlessly every resource and chances to flourish.

War is inhumane.

Robs the basic necessity of life.

Force lives to struggle for food, clothing and shelter.

War is a snatcher of life.

Makes sure no one survives

Thereby depriving them of their right to life.

War in all the senses is neither for us nor for our beautiful mother land.

Therefore, for world peace , here I take a stand .

#inspirationalpoem #peaceinukraine #poet #poem #globalstrength #poems #poemsforlife #globalpeace

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